Team Training

Age Group: 8 and Up
Session Length: 1 hour

Training as a team is an excellent way to improve athletic performance, reduce injury and build team chemistry. Sessions will be tailored to the age, sport, gender and time of year for your athletes. During your hour long session, our expert Performance Coaches will focus on running techniques (starts and acceleration), multi directional skills (foot speed, deceleration and change of direction), balance, co-ordination, functional strength and conditioning that is specific to your sport. Our unique approach to athletic performance helps increase mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, power, speed and conditioning in a hands on, positive environment. Each team completes pre and post Performance Evaluations to highlight improvements.

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Middle School Program

Age Group: 11 to 14
Session Length: 1 hour

The focus here is on the development of young athletes during their 'skill hungry' years. This is the perfect time to introduce new and proper movement patterns that will create foundations for improved athleticism regardless of the sport. Our progressive based program will focus on developing proper movement mechanics and athletic skill application, while progressing through running techniques (starts and acceleration), multi-directional skills (foot speed, deceleration and change of direction), balance, co-ordination, functional strength and anaerobic conditioning. By creating a FUN environment in which to learn these vital skills, the athletes will create a solid movement foundation to improve performance, prevent injury and most importantly, enjoy athletics.

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High School & College Athletic Development

Age: 14 and Up
Session Length: 90 minutes

A more demanding training session in terms of both time (90 minutes) and intensity,  when compared to our youth program.  The focus here is on mastery of body control and fundamentals of strength and power for increased sport performance.  These athletes will be challenged to move up the progression ladder in sprinting mechanics, deceleration, agility, foot speed, mobility, explosive power, functional strength and anaerobic conditioning drills.  In this stage athletes will learn Olympic lifting techniques to help improve power output and athleticism. Our expert Performance Staff will supervise and lead the full 90 minutes session to help ensure a safe and supportive environment to help maximize results.

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1 on 1 Training

Our unique approach to training provides a progressive, challenging and fun workout for both men and women of all ages and abilities. Program is tailored to the discipline and abilities of the athlete. The goal is to improve the individual's strength and skill so that competitive performance is enhanced and a clear advantage is gained.

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Summer Elite Hockey Camp

Our Elite Camp is the most complete off season program around. The Pursuit Performance Coaches will provide in-depth instruction, cutting edge programming and will work alongside you in every session. This comprehensive program will teach and help you understand how to become a more explosive and powerful skater. We will break down multi directional skills to help you acquire superior agility during rapid lateral acceleration and deceleration. This increased speed will provide you the separation needed to defend or create scoring chances. These crucial skills will be further enhanced with a periodized Strength and Power program that will help you develop greater maximum strength and the ability to transfer this strength into power. Finally, our anaerobic energy system will address specific work to rest ratios and ensure that your power endurance lasts for every shift, every period, all season long.

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Small group Training (3-8 people)

Build a small group of up to 8 people and get the attention of having a personal trainer but the motivation of a group. This is the most cost effective way to work with one our expert Performance Coaches multiple times per week. Your group will get a 1 hour Action Plan session that includes goal setting, health history review, Functional Movement Screen and performance testes (where applicable). Our experts will take this information to design an effective training program for your group, taking into account individual needs and differences each and every session.

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