Our Elite Hockey Camps provide each athlete with a complete and innovative training experience unlike any other. Our Pursuit Performance Coaches provide in-depth instruction, cutting edge programming and will work alongside you every session to help you master the fundamentals. As you begin to improve and develop sound movement and strength techniques, the program becomes progressively more challenging as we move throughout the summer.

All of our Elite Hockey Programs include:

SPEED- We will break down multi directional skills to help you improve your footwork and help build superior agility during rapid linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration

EXPLOSIVE POWER- Each program includes progressive levels of Olympic Lifting, Medicine Ball throws & Plyometrics

STRENGTH- Functional Strength programs that include full body training and core development that address individual needs to improve performance and help prevent injury

CONDITIONING- Proven energy system development sessions that meet the demands of your sport

MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY- Foam rolling, breathing, stretching and muscle activation

NUTRITION- Tips, guidance and food logs to help maximize recovery and enhance your results

This years camp begins on Monday April 30th and will run until Thursday August 30th with up to 4 dryland training sessions per week (with 2 and 3 day options available)-

Our 2018 Full Elite Summer Hockey Camp schedule :

Elite Hockey Camp Pro/OHL/Junior/CIS/NCAA
Monday-Thursday 9am-11am

Bantam/Midget Boys & Girls Camp Ages 13-16
Monday-Thursday 6-730pm

Pee Wee Boys & Girls Camp- Age 12
Monday Tuesday & Thursday 6-715pm

*All Guelph Minor Hockey Association (GMHA) players will receive a 20% discount on our summer programs*

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